Nagar Fort

Nagar is a small fort perched on a rocky ridge like a fairy-tale castle surrounded by blue water of Chitral River from three sides. It was built on the orders of then Mehtar of Chitral, Sir Shuja ul Muluk. Nagar Fort had a significant importance being on the route of invading armies from Afghanistan. As you come down from Lowari Tunnel towards Chitral and reach the Chitral River at Mirkhani post it is just two km ahead on the river bank. The fort is accessible through a suspension bridge on Chitral River. The late Prince Sirajuddin of Nagar was a keen horticulturist and had surrounded his fort with one of the most picturesque gardens, with a variety of fruits and flowers. His hospitality made all travellers welcomed 

to stop by and helped bring Chitral a good name. His son Prince Salahuddin and grandsons have continued with the family tradition. There are four guest rooms for the nature loving tourists with a nice garden for additional camping. There is a large orchard adjacent to the fort which is a great place for camping with the advance permission from the owners. Chitral town is at a distance of about two and half hour drive away from Nagar Fort and from Islamabad it takes about 12 to 13 hours to reach this place via Lowari Tunnel.