Broghil Valley

Located at a distance of about 250 km from Chitral town towards north, Broghil Valley is perhaps the most remote tourist destination of Chitral district. One of the most famous attractions of Broghil valley is the Karambar Lake, which is second highest lake in Pakistan locate at an elevation of 14,121 feet (4,304 meters) from sea level. Apart from this, the valley maintains about 30 freshwater lakes of different sizes, presenting breath-taking sights which serve as energizers during the long traverse through the valley.

Another sight truly worth seeing in the Broghil Valley is the Broghil Pass. Also spelled Broghal, it is a high mountain pass at a height of 12,460 feet (3,798 meters) along the Durand Line border, which crosses the Hindu Kush mountain range and connects the Wakhan district of Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan with the Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Also, on the route to the Broghil Valley, there is the Darkot Pass which connects Broghil valley with Rawat valley of Ghizer district of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The entire area of the Broghil Valley is rich in terms of biodiversity, glaciers, rugged terrain and grazing lands, due to which in 2010, the Broghil National Park was established under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Act, 1975. The Broghil National Park is a treasure to wild native and migratory fauna especially of Pamirian and Siberian bird species. The valley itself is

 mainly Alpine tundra, a treeless mountain tract where the vegetation consists of dwarf shrubs, sedges and grass, moss and lichen.

Broghil Valley is also renowned for the Broghil Festival which is held every year from 15th to 17th of July. The event includes Yak Polo, Yak Race, free style Polo, Buzkashi, Horse Race, Donkey Race and Polo, Tug of War plus the traditional Wakhani Music. The Yak Polo and Yak Race are the main attractions of this event, and they are perhaps exclusive to this part of the world. As the Yaks cannot sustain high temperatures, the ideal time for the sport is morning or late afternoon. For the locals, Yaks are also useful means of transportation and support the livelihood of the local people.

To reach Broghil Valley, a 14 hour drive, and a trek through the twisty valley is required. Mastuj is the nearest place from where interested tourists can hire jeeps for this area. The track has now been expanded into a road up to Shakarwar. Earlier, it was only passable to reach here on horses or ponies. The area is snow bound in winter and the best time to visit it is between June and August when the mountain landscapes is much more beautiful and there is also opportunity to enjoy the festivity of local people.