Chitral Gol National Park

The beautiful area of upper Chitral Gol watershed in the north west of Chitral town, once a hunting reserve of the Mehtar of Chitral, is now a 7,745 hectare national park better known as Chitral Gol National Park. This is the place where biologist Gorge Schaller took his first photographs of the snow leopard and spent most of his time tracking them as related in his book, Stones of Silence. Chitral Gol National Park is still one of the best places to spot Himalayan Ibex, Markhor, Snow Leopards in wild. Indian wolves and brown bears have been sighted in various parts of Chitral Gol, especially in the winter.

Chaghbini is a tourist spot at the elevation of 8,961 feet from sea level in Chitral Gol National Park which has some facilities for the nature loving visitors. One can reach this place by 4×4 jeeps from Chitral town after a drive of about one hour. Most of the visitors come here for a day trip from Chitral as there is only one small rest house and a camping area for accommodation.  A wildlife watching point has also been established at Chaghbini from where tourists can spot Markhors in the natural habitat with the help of binoculars under the guidance of field staff of Wildlife Department. There are also good opportunities of short hikes in the surroundings mountainous areas to enjoy the natural landscape of this area.

Birmogalasht at the elevation of 8,487 feet from sea level is now part of Chitral Gol National Park is an alpine pasture with excellent view of Tirichmir in the north and a panoramic view of Chitral town in the south. 

Birmugalasht, in local language, means “Place of Walnuts”. It was the summer palace of the ex-Mehtar of Chitral and he used to spend several months of summer at this pleasant pasture with scenic views all around. The old royal palace of Mehtar is in ruins and most of the walnut trees have already been cut, but this place is worth visiting to have excellent views in all directions and enjoy the serenity of this place.  This place is reachable through a jeepable road from Chitral Town on the way to Chaghbini.