Garam Chashma

At an elevation of (7,748 feet) 2361m, Gram Chashma is one of the unspoilt enchanting valleys of Chitral which is renowned for its natural hot springs. The hot sulphurous springs of Gram Chashma are famous for a healing effect on skin diseases, gout, rheumatism and chronic headaches. It is located in the north-west corner of Chitral at a distance of about 45 km and it takes about three hours by jeep to reach here. 

The jeep road passes through the village of Shoghore on the opposite bank of the river. From there the Karimabad Gol climbs north-east up towards the Owir Pass, a trekking route leading over to the Barum valley. This area is also good spot for Markhor Sighting.

The town of Gram Chashma has a small bazaar where the caravans from Badakhshan used to bring precious stones, carpets and other products. The town has few very basic hotels, restaurants and tea stalls, therefore, most of the tourists prefer to take a day trip from Chitral town. There are number of mud-stone bathing huts along the river through which the spring water courses. Hotel Innjigaan in the east of Bazaar is the only good hotel with nice rooms and a restaurant. It also has a big pool full of hot spring water to facilitate tourists.

Gram Chashma has also Chitral’s best-known trout reach on the Lutkho River. Angling permits are available from the fisheries office located right on the road before the village.  Beside this there are number of short hikes in the surrounding mountains to enjoy the scenic beauty of this area.