Mountaineering in Chitral

The area of Chitral Valley is also an ideal destination for mountaineering and other mountain related adventure sports. A large number of high peaks of Hindu Kush Range lies within Chitral District with Tirich Mir Peak (7708m) having the status of the highest peak of Hindu Kush Range. The main mountain massifs of this range are as under:

  1. Tirich Mir group: 6 peaks over 7000m
  2. Nowshaq group: 4 peaks over 7000m
  3. Istor-o -Nal group:11 peaks over 7000m
  4. Saraghrar group: 13 peaks over 7000m
  5. Shingeik Zom: 3 peaks over 7000m
  6. Darband Zom: 2 peaks over 7000m
  7. Udren Zom : 3 peaks over 7000m  
  8. Shakaur : 2 peaks over 7000m
  9. Langar Zom : 6 peaks (6750m to 7100m)
  10. Langutai-Barfi: 7017m
  11. Kuhe Urgand: 7038m
  12. Kuhe Tez: 7016m
  13. Akher Chioh: 7020m
  14. Nobaisoon Zom: 7070m

Beside the above fourteen main massifs, there are other 7000m to 6000m peaks in this range such as Lunkoh Dusare, Lunkoh Hawar, Gumbaze-Safid, Kuhe Nadir Shah, Koyo Zom, Kuhe Mandaras, Dirgol Zom, Booni Zom, Pal peak, Tirich Mir north, Tirich Mir south (6890m), Mutrichili Zom, Baipash Zom etc. In all there are 52 peaks having height more than 7000m in the Hindu Kush range. Another group of peaks with height between 6000m to 7000m totals 80 in the Chitral side of this range. A far more interesting point is that there are more than 40 peaks of over 6000m height without any name as in the large cluster of gigantic peaks the smaller ones have been neglected altogether. This great chain of mountains is a paradise for alpinists, trekkers, explorers, hikers and lovers of high altitude panorama. These scores of virgin peaks, challenging rock walls, glaciers, snow fields and stunning landscape of valleys in the bottom of these peaks invites mountain lovers from all around the world to explore this hidden paradise on earth.

(Source of Information: Prof. R. K. Baig, Our Senior Mountain Guide & Local Resource Person)


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