Laspur Valley

Laspur, with the vast inner dry valley of Bashqar in the south and the beautiful meadow of Shandur plateau, forms an area of attractive contrast.  Shahidas, Onshot, Herchin, Phargram, Gasht, Raman, Broke, Baleem and Sur Laspur are main settlements of this valley.

This area offers excellent trekking opportunities to Shandur Lake, Golain Valley, Booni Zom, Ghizar Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, Mahodand and Gabral valleys of Swat Kohistan.  This area is also good for wildlife sighting such as Yaks, Ibex, Chukor and Ram Chukor.

Shandur Polo Festival, the biggest sporting event of Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan held every year during the month of July at Shandur Pass. This festival attracts polo enthusiasts from foreign countries and all parts of Pakistan beside a large number of local spectators. Number of other cultural activities especially local folk music and dance performances makes this event more attractive. Many people setup small makeshift food stalls, 

camping sites and shops to sell food items and other products to the tourists who come here in large number to attend this festival. This creates an income generation opportunity for many locals as well as for outsiders.

To provide boarding and lodging facilities Hindukush Heights Chalets Resort and a PTDC Motel are available at Mastuj town. Next to the Mastuj fort on the outskirts of the village, Hindu Kush Heights with half dozen wooden chalets are set among shady grounds is the best place to stay. Beside this few very basic small hotels are available in Mastuj town, Harchin, Broke and Sur Laspur. This area is also ideal for camping. There are also number of good spots for camping at Harchin, Raman, Sur Laspur and Shandur.