Golain Valley

Golain is a vast valley with high cliffs and is the limit of the forested slopes as it extends to the high barren and craggy peaks above. It is located in the north-east of Chitral at a distance of about 24 km. Golain Payeen, Chashma, Bubaka, Izghor, Birmogh and Istoor are its main settlements. This area is famous for good opportunities for trekking, rock climbing, fishing and wildlife sighting.

Presently there are one or two local guestrooms which provide boarding and lodging facility to the visitors. But there are nice spots which can be developed as good camping sites for larger tourist groups. Few shops are also available in the villages of Izghor, Birmogh and Istoor which sell food items, eggs and chicken. The best place for camping is the pastures at end of the valley. A large private trout fish farm is also located in this valley where tourist can enjoy delicious trout fish sitting in the beautiful lawn along the mountain stream.

From Golain a trekking route leads to Laspur Valley via Phargram Pass. An other two days trekking route go towards Madagalasht Valley. There is also some other trekking routs which link this valley with Swat Kohistan via Bashqar Lake in the north east.

This area also has good potential to develop ecotourism with opportunities to develop camping and trekking, rock climbing, angling and wildlife sighting trips.