Madagalasht Valley

Madagalasht is an other scenic valley located at a distance of 87km from Chitral town. It is situated north-east of Drosh town and connected with Drosh by a jeepable road. Obara, Ebara, Mathive, Hussainabad and Bayband are the main settlements on the way to Madagalasht. Madagalasht is an area of lush green terraced fields and high pastures with extensive meadows surrounded by pine and fir trees on the mountain slopes. The locals speak Khowar and Persian languages and this valley is also famous for its mixed Chitrali and Persian culture.

From Madagalasht a trekking route leads to Golain valley through the forest of rich scenic splendour on to Kohgazi on Chitral-Boni road. From Kohgazi the visitors can hire jeeps and return to Chitral town which is only 24km away. There are also other trekking routs from Madagalasht which link this valley with Kumrat valley of Upper Dir in the East and Chamarkun valley in the North-west.

Presently there is a small local guesthouse which provides very basic boarding and lodging facility to the visitors. But there are nice spots which can be developed as good camping sites for larger tourist groups. Few shops are also available which sell food items, eggs and chicken to locals and visitors.