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Visit Chitral Valley is a destination brand developed by STFP which is dedicated to promote Responsible Tourism in the Valley of Chitral. We offer not just information about the tourist places of Chitral Valley but we also offer holidays experiences that would stay with our customers forever. We understand all the needs of our clients and develop travel plans as per their particular interest if it is in history, culture, adventure or in the rich ecology of this beautiful region of Pakistan.

Resposible Tourism Guidlines

Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan has launched an awareness campaign with the core objective of creating awareness among the growing number of tourists about the spirit of Responsible Tourism. This will not only encourage the visitors to minimize their negative impacts on the sensitive culture of Kalasha people and the natural environment of this region but at the same time it will ensure that the socio-economic benefits of tourism activity reach to the local community of this area.

Chitral Valley

Surrounded by some of the tallest mountains in the world, Chitral is Pakistan’s northern most districts and perhaps one of the best destinations for adventure, culture and ecotourism in the country. Area wise it is the largest district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The valley is bounded on the north-west by the mountains of Hindukush and share border with Afghanistan.  On the north-east by the mountains of Karakoram and on the south by the Hindu Raj range. There are more than 40 peaks over 6,100m packed in the area of 14,850 square kilometres, altitudes in this rugged terrain range from 1,094m at Arandu to 7,726m at Tirichmir. The Chitral valley and its subsidiary valleys are drained by the Chitral River, which is known by different names along various stretches, and its tributaries. Originating in the Chiantar glacier, the river enters Afghanistan at Arandu.

Where To Go

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Chitral Town

Kalasha Valleys

Chitral Gol National Park

Garam Chashma

Madagalasht Valley

Golain Valley

Nagar Fort

Laspur Valley

Broghil Valley

Tirich Valley

Shandur Polo Festival

Boroghil Festival

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